Chantel - Master of Marijuana 

Expert Budtender, Sommelier, Critique, Data Analysist, Consultant 

I am here to aid, assist, guide, serve and protect you on your marijuana journey. With the sole goal in mind to find your perfect SeshMate experience.

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5 Montpelier St Unit A103, Brampton, ON L6Y 6H4

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A Bit About Me

I started my marijuana journey years before I stared consuming d'herb. I was 18 when I first introduced it in my system via smoking. It was love at first puff. Although marijuana became my bestfriend there was a lot of information that I didn't know. I dedicated my time to education, and obtaining certifications that would make my community trust them enough to guide, serve and protect their personal journey with marijuana too.  

am a provincially certified expert budtender as well as  certified cannabis sommelier (Cannabis Sommelier | CannaReps | Budtender Certification). I am currently employed at The Woods cannabis retail store located in Brampton, Ontario, (Weed Store Brampton | Brampton Dispensary ( I work as a cannabis consultant at The Woods  (CBD | The Woods Cannabis.)  I am also the lead writer for The Woods Reports which is a comprehensive detailed report on individual cultivars I've tested (Certified Strain Reviews | The Woods Cannabis). I also dedicate a lager portion of my time to being a standard and quality analysist.  

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Work Experience

July 2021  - Present 

May 19, 2018 

March 2019 - Jan 2020 

Employed at The Woods Cannabis I am a lead educator, team lead, consultant, cannabis sommelier, expert budtender and cannabis critique. I aid clients with finding their perfect sesh experience based on their personal needs. I open and close the facility. I manage cash. 

Master of Marijuana is created. I am the consultant, media creator, and owner.  I aid clients with finding their perfect SeshMate experience. I am the creator of Potfolio's. 

I was employed at Ganjika House, Fire & Flower, and Hi Buzz. I worked as an expert budtender, team lead, and head of education. Although I did not stay with these companies I learned a lot from cash management to identify clients needs. 

Continuing Education 

Oct 2021 - Present 

Feb 2021 

Feb - July 2020 

Trichome Institute. I am enrolled in Cannabis Consultant Training,  Professional Interpening, Extracts & Concentrates Fundamentals, and Cannabis for All.

I graduated the Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 course offered by CannaReps.

Completed the Standard and Expert cannabis license certifications offered by the government of Ontario.