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I'm so happy you found your way to this space. As noted before I am here to serve and preserve the marihuana community. Whether you've been apart of my family longer than I have or considering to join. I am here for you.  

Please note * I am not a nurse, physician or holistic practitioner. I am simply a spirit with the passion for d'herb who wants to share what has been found with any spirt who wants access to it. 


M.o.M offers 4 different types of consultations for the chance to understand each other better, educate, and resolve any concerns regarding marihuana and you.

SeshMates PotFolio

A Potfolio is for the health conscious marijuana consumer, the connoisseur, the intuitive minds, or those desperate to try anything that will work. 

M.o.M created 4 separate classes of PotFolio's in order to provide tangible documentation that reflects the personal needs of each client who utilizes one.